Knights of Columbus

Knights of Columbus Holy Family Council 8499

Chartered Members

B.J. Adams, G.D. Balacko, Edward Belinsky, E. Bridges, K. Bridges, Walter Bzovy, Ned Derkach, S. Derkach, R.C. Ellis, P. Henderson, J.M. Kohut, M.D. Kohut, John Kosc, M. Kowalchuk, W. Kowalchuk , Rev. J. Kristalovich , N. Kukurudza, S. Kustiak, P. Kyweriga, D.R. Lewicky, L.C. Melosky, L.W. Nowosad, C.C. Packer, P. Prygrocki, L. Reznowski, Jr., L. Reznowski Sr., J.D. Reznowski, S.L. Sherman, E.M. Shewchuk, J. Sobkow, E. Statkewich, L. Sulymka, J. Sytnick, A. Tataryn, L. Terrick, P.S. Tkach, L.E. Tratch, J. Triska, P. Uhryn, P.J. Vasko, M. Vitelli, R. Waring, M. Yakimoski, P. Yakimoski, W.J. McWilliams, L.A. Luba, John March, E.B. Partyka

Knights of Columbus banner

The Knights of Columbus are a lay Catholic fraternal service organization committed to charity, unity, fraternity and patriotism. They are active in a wide variety of causes. Their most important efforts — both historically and currently — have included performing charitable works, serving the Church and the community in such events as Remembrance Day, Food and Toy drives, financial assistance to Seminarians, Youth Winter Games, pancake breakfast, tag day, liturgical support, spiritual adoption program and supporting local church events in the Ukrainian community.

Knights of Columbus