Pastoral Care

Pastoral care is “the way in which we journey with each other in times of celebration, sadness, turmoil, transitions, and along quiet stretches.  Together with our shared worship experience, it is the main glue which holds our community together.”

Pope John Paul II said in 2000

Like the Good Samaritan, every believer must offer love to those who live in suffering. It is not right to ‘pass by’ those who are tried by sickness. Instead, it is necessary to stop, to bend down to their illness and to share it generously, thus alleviating their burdens and difficulties.

Jesus Calls All of Us

Jesus call us to care for and to be “present” to others. Pastoral Care is a ministry of “presence”, based on faith and prayer to provide support and love to those who are in need. Pastoral Care is a journey shared in a concerned relationship, and the journey is equally significant in the lives of both travellers and to God.

The main focus of this important ministry at our parish is to help Fr. John reach out to the sick, the shut-ins and those who need spiritual guidance.  Together as a team, the pastoral care ministry brings the community of Holy Family Church to all members of our parish.  It is important that we remember each other in times of need as well as in times of joy.

If you know of anyone from our parish who needs a visit, please fill out a pastoral care request card found at the bottom of this page, print it, and either place it in Sunday’s collection basket, or email it to the parish office.

Caring hands

Please help us to help our parishioners .

Volunteers are needed for this important ministry.  If you are available for visits in the day or in the evening, or even if you have time to make a simple phone call to our shut-ins, we would appreciate your help.